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Here at Cairns FM89.1, we believe in supporting local artists and helping them reach a wider audience. With our Artist Supporter Membership Packs.

You can choose between the Artist Supporter Membership where you can become an Artist Member of Cairns FM 89.1 or purchase the Artist Supporter Premium Pack which includes 2 Promotion Blocks for 2 New Release Tracks during Prime Airtime for 4 weeks*. All Artist Memberships include a Cairns FM 89.1 “Artist Support Love Music T-Shirt”,  Priority Selection for both Frequency Festival and Swelter Fest 2024**, 12 Months Non Voting Membership To Cairns FM 89.1 and featured on our new Cairns FM 89.1 Featured Artist Hub Website. This provides artists with a way to self publicise their new singles and albums during their release schedule whilst supporting community radio. No fret if this isn’t for you, as your music can still get played on FNQ Originals and FNQO Drive for free.

* - Artist Supporter Premium Pack Submissions will undergo a review process to determine they are suitable for Cairns FM 89.1 and comply with the broadcasting standards of ACMA. This Service Does Not Constitute Pay For Play. Artists can still get their music played during our local NQ shows for free.

** - Artist Supporter Membership doesn't guarantee selection for Frequency Festival and Swelter Fest 2024

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