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The Danger Zone With Paul

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Humans have spent most of their history fighting wars. All of that would have been a terrible waste except for the great things it has done for us. Fantastic music, great movies, mind expanding literature, technically incredible cars, flying that took us in just 60 years from the Wright brothers travelling just 37 metres to going to the moon and back (that’s the important part) 60 years later, faster and safer ships, life saving medicines and medical procedures, great video games, the internet. So much to cover and so many interesting stories to tell and music to play. You’ll never be bored.

Paul Fordyce is retired (whew!).

Before he retired, he spent his working life as a solicitor (a partner and sole practitioner) Sydney CBD boutique law firms. He specialised in commercial litigation and corporate insolvency. He frequently appeared in the NSW Supreme Court and the Federal Court in person and made new law in a number of the cases in which he appeared – including beating ASIC!

His private life was spent studying history and especially military history. He is now a military historian. He conducts individual tours (free) at the Australian Armour & Artillery Museum at Smithfield on Saturday mornings. He is working on an exciting new book talking about military history as a living thing – something special.

As a big city litigation lawyer he has honed skills into research and critically analyzing things. One of the things that he wants to analyse is the key role that the Bible plays now, in the past and in the future in the world.

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