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Off The Beaten Tracks

Presented by Dj Martin

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Wednesday 10:00 12:00

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Every year, countless rock and pop songs are recorded. A lucky few make it onto permanent rotation on the ‘classic rock’ radio stations, some are played for a while but then only surface every few years, but most of them sink without a trace, especially album tracks and that creature of infinite variety, the B side of a single.

But many neglected songs, songs that are not what I call Beaten Tracks (beaten because they are overplayed) are equally worthwhile.

Many are enjoyable from the first listen, and it’s these that I want to give their place in the sun – neglected B sides, forgotten album tracks, cover versions of well known songs by surprising artists (Ghost Riders in the Sky by Debbie Harry, anyone?; Tiny Tim covering the Doors? ) that are remarkable for their beauty,their new insights into old songs, and their sheer effrontery, and songs that graced our playlists for a while but have sunk into limbo. And where possible, I will provide some background factoids that I found interesting while researching playlists for the program.

It’s an infinite journey, Off The Beaten Tracks, but an infinitely enriching and satisfying one. I hope you can join me, Wednesdays 10 am to noon, as often as you can.

After all, we have a lot of ground to cover …..

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