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In 2020, Brisbane author Carol Jarvis-Jackson resolved to fulfil her lifelong dream of becoming a published writer. Following the heartbreaking loss of both her mum and husband to cancer, Jarvis-Jackson reassessed her life and happiness. ‘Realising the fragility of life and the unexpected situations we can find ourselves in has made me follow my dreams [...]
DEVESKI: The 3 Hard Changes Needed To Be Made By Musicians in 2022 Joel "Deveski" Devereux from FNQ Originals gives his experience and knowledge to deliver some invaluable information for musicians in 2022. It's funny when I think back to the mid 1990's and how everything was starting to change. With my overwhelming need to [...]

King Stingray’s Self-Titled Debut Destined to Be an Instant Classic Buoyed by a string of successful singles, the King Stingray signature “Yolŋu surf rock” has gripped the nation. King Stingray has been on an unprecedented run. Buoyed by a string of successful singles, the band’s signature “Yolŋu surf rock” has gripped the nation. Now with […]

Quite simply, Ben Lee is a national treasure and we are beyond elated to present his hotly anticipated 20th (!!!) album – I’M FUN! – as our next Waxx Lyrical Feature Record. The outspoken, cheeky, occasionally controversial, always entertaining and ultimately lovable Ben has undertaken many roles over his illustrious 30 year career – musician, […]

Have you ever had moments where pure inspiration has come to you, in a way that awesome ideas flow through your thoughts easily? The kind of inspirational moments where you have to write key words down, otherwise they’ve gone as quickly as they come… Are you familiar with experiencing epiphanies or revelations or realizations? Maybe […]

Cairns is in for a treat as we move forward with developing positive social avenues in the community. Delivering meaningful legacy infrastructure for the 3Ms + Wescourt was made possible by Councillor Max O’Halloran and I pooling our councillor discretionary funds together to deliver a much needed + wanted court in Harold Falge Park. A […]